On January 5, 2020, the first tea of the year known as hatsugama (which means “first kettle”) was held at the Marina Village Conference Center’s Bayview Room located in Mission Bay, San Diego. Urasenke Tankokai San Diego Association’s Soshin Saito sensei and her students served tea with sweets and lunch boxes to 140 guests to celebrate the new year.

The Members of Urasenke Tankokai San Diego Association at 2020 Hatsugama with Saito Soshin sensei in the middle front row

This Year of the Rat, the students demonstrated yachiyodana 八千代棚 and misonodana 御園棚. Yachiyodana is a kind of portable shelf which was favored by Tantansai 淡々斎 14th Urasenke Grandmaster. It was arranged from the original tabidansu 旅箪笥, the “travel cabinet” that Sen Rikyu 千利休 designed.