On January 8th, 2017, the first tea gathering of the year known as hatsugama (which means “first kettle”) was held at the Bayview Room at Marina Village Conference Center in Mission Bay, San Diego. Urasenke Tankokai San Diego Association’s Soshin sensei and the students served tea with sweets and lunch boxes for about 80 guests to celebrate the new year. 

This year, the students demonstrated Wakeidate 和敬点, which is a temae, or tea preparation procedure, that uses a tea box. Wakeidate temae was created by Tantansai, UrasenkeXIV. The weather was sunny and it was a perfect day to share tea with the guests. 




Photo of Wakeidate demonstration on the left, and sweet served to the guest on the right. This sweet is called Tsuru no sugomori, which depicts a crane holding two eggs.
左:和敬点のお点前。右:主菓子、銘 ‘’鶴の巣籠り‘’

New year decorations welcomed guests at the table.